Sorry Again

Sorry for the lack posts everyone, but getting situated in a new town and new restaurant has had me pretty stretched thin. But now that I’m back in the groove and working with a badass kitchen team over at SoHo South Cafe I will be back with plenty of food porn for you. 

sweet and spicy chicken wings

I’m going to have to make these wings for our SuperBowl party this weekend!

Homemade in Hong Kong

when it comes to eating chicken wings, we love getting our hands dirty. no forks, no chopsticks, just 10 digits. that’s why having a good sauce is so important. because after finishing each wing, you get to lick all that ooey gooeyness off your fingers. we used a pan to sear and cook the wings. but you can try grilling, baking, or even deep frying them!

chicken wings 12
oil 1/4 cup (60 ml)
salt 1/2 tsp
ketchup 1 tbsp
sriracha 1 tbsp
hoisin sauce 1tbsp
oyster sauce 1 tbsp

  • add oil to a non-stick pan and cook the chicken wings on medium heat, sprinkle with salt
  • cook until wings are done, browning on both sides, about 10-12 minutes (to get it crispy, turn up the heat in the last minute)
  • add all the sauce to the wings and coat evenly, cook for another 2-3 minutes

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